Our Mission

As a public charity, our mission is:

1. To raise substantial funds through personal/individual donations, corporate donations and sponsorships, grants from other public and private foundations, as well as through federal and state governments to launch, sustain and expand non-profit organizations and programs which benefit the needs of grieving children and families after a loved one’s death so they might effectively heal and move forward into a fulfilling and emotionally stable life.

2. To raise awareness of the number of children forced early into the grieving process, and who lack the skills needed to walk through that journey.

3. To help educate society and members of various professions, specifically those in the healthcare, education, business, criminal justice and social services fields, about the many needs of the bereaved.

4. To help promote the fine work of bereavement professionals, alert the public to conferences and seminars which will educate both bereaved children and families as well as professionals from all fields.

The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. is the first national non-profit public charity which raises funds for the benefit of children, teens and young adults who have experienced a loved one’s death, regardless how their loved one died or was killed.

Your Donations are tax-deductible.

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F4GC is the first national non-profit public charity designed for the benefit of children, teens, young adults and their families following the death of a loved one regardless how they died or were killed.