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Janae Watterson | Salon Kathleen | Daddy Daughter Date Night

Our Fundraising Ambassador, Janae Watterson from Salon Kathleen in Enumclaw, Washington has done it again!

In a very unique fundraising event for the benefit of the Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., she and her colleague Matt Fugate developed a Daddy Daughter Date Night where they helped Dads learn how to style their young daughters’ hair!

It was very well attended and Sunn Health Bar supplied smoothies for the little ladies and Head Works Brewing refreshments for the Dads.

Over $600 was raised on this unique idea and we understand future events are scheduled at Salon Kathleen!

Thank you to Janae, Matt, and the folks at Sunn Health Bar and Head Works Brewing for their generosity in raising funds for grieving children.

If you live or visit Enamclaw, Washington, please pop in to Salon Kathleen, Sunn Health Bar and Head Works Brewing to thank them for their efforts on behalf of grieving children.

And if you can patronize their businesses, even better!

Janae Watterson | Salon Kathleen | Fundraising Ambassador

Over the last few years, Janae Watterson of Enumclaw, Washington, had consistently shared a generous monthly gift with The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. as a Heart of Gold partner.

And on April 3rd, 2021 she shared her passion for helping grieving children with all those who attended her open house for her business’ new location. Salon Kathleen is appropriately named for her mother, better known as Kathy, whom she lost when Janae was 17 in a horrific car crash where Janae was a passenger.

“It is important to me to partner with the Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. because I believe what this organization is doing and providing for these children is absolutely necessary and heroic,” explained Mrs. Watterson.

“It took me decades to finally find the help I needed to start the grieving and healing process.  I want to give back now, she said. This cause is very near and dear to my heart.”

To date, Salon Kathleen has raised $4,358 and we couldn’t be more proud of her and her staff’s efforts! What an amazing event and fundraising effort. We salute you!

If you are in the Enumclaw, Washington area or know family and friends who live nearby, we hope you will stop in and congratulate Janae and her staff on a job well done.

Visit her new location at 1539 Blake Street, Suite A, Enumclaw, Washington. Salon Kathleen has been in business for 15 years and has now expanded with twelve chairs, ten amazing staff and wonderful clients.

Thank you Janae for all your hard work in raising funds for our great cause. We salute you, your staff and the many individuals who contributed so very generously to the F4GC! Blessings to everyone involved.

Emli Edwards – Fundraising Ambassador

In June we received a substantial donation from a DECA Advisor in Roanoke Rapids High School honoring Nicholas Edwards.

Unfortunately there was no other information and since school was not in session, we needed to wait until our thank you letter was received and, hopefully, we would receive a note or call so we could learn more.

Nicholas Edwards

Finally that day arrived with a voicemail from Emli Edwards and subsequent telephone call whereby she explained that Nicholas was her brother and she developed a fundraiser for the Foundation’s benefit to honor three family members. It was a delightful conversation with a young girl whose story brought me to tears.

Emli was due on September 11, 2001 but arrived seven days earlier. She had two older brothers, Dustin and Nicolas.

In her 17 years, she has experienced the death of her 43 year-old mother in 2014 when Emli was 12, her 20 year-old brother Nicholas in April 2018 when she was 16, and her 26 year-old brother Dustin in January 2019 when she was 17.

Emli Edwards with her brother Dustin Mountford

In Roanoke Rapids High School in North Carolina, she not only created a successful fundraiser for the Foundation, but she presented an extensive paper to the DECA competition which prepares students for business life and gets them ready for college.

She received a grade of 96%, but the judges got it all wrong. She should have received 100% as her paper and presentation, which she shared with us, was amazing for a 17 year-old. We have no doubt she will excel in life!

She and her boyfriend, Cameron Wilson, worked very hard to develop a “Glow in the Dark Fun Run” and engaged corporate sponsors from the community, even getting the local Roanoke Rapids Theatre to stage their event.

They even connected with the local radio stations, newspaper and social media to get the word out.

The Roanoke Rapids Theatre, North Carolina

Sixty participants enjoyed that evening and $400 was raised for the Foundation.

They held a Memorial Balloon Release to honor the participants loved ones who had died or were killed before the event began. Then the fun began.

Emli Edwards with young participant.
Fun Run Sign with Foundation for Grieving Children’s tag line and Sponsors
Participant at Fun Run to support Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc.
Fun Run Participants at Roanoke Rapids, NC Fundraiser for Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc.

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors who helped Emli successfully accomplish her goal. We hope you will support these companies if you are in the Roanoke Rapids, NC area.

We are so appreciative of what Emli, her friends and participants developed for the benefit of other grieving children.

Additionally we are excited that Emli won a full scholarship to East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Wishing you much success, Emli. You so deserve it!