Orlando Massacre: Helping Survivors of Homicide Victims

OrlandoFLnightskyline2Although we help families across the United States and around the world to find resources for their children who have experienced a loved one’s death through any means, we are based in the Orlando area.

Many have felt for some time that a terrorist threat might occur near the theme parks yet, instead, the terrorist chose a lively nightclub in our downtown where hundreds of people were simply enjoying themselves on a Saturday night.

In a heartbeat, life as these victims knew it and the surviving family members of those murdered, will never be the same.

With over 30 years experience helping survivors of homicide victims (grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings, children), we are raising funds to assist with the lengthy counseling process that will now begin to help these surviving family members cope with and regain a sense of stability after this tragedy.

Our founder who experienced the murder of her own 11 year-old stepdaughter, has helped countless survivors as a victim advocate, was recognized for her work by NY State Senate Legislative Resolution, and intimately knows what will help these families long term. Everyone is supportive at the beginning, but this is not a situation where a 6-8 week bereavement group will be enough to comfort and soothe the emotional wounds which come after a loved one’s murder.

We choose not to use pages like GoFundMe as they charge nearly 8% fees (5% for GoFundMe and 2.9% plus .30 cents for the credit card processing) and while they provide a good service, we are charged only 2.3% and we’re comfortable with that. We believe in being good stewards of your generous donations.

To learn more about the challenges of those who have endured a loved one’s murder, go here to listen to an interview our founder did last year.

Thank you for your love and prayers for the Orlando community.

#OrlandoStrong #PrayForOrlando